Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mother's Day

Unfortunately I had to work on my very first Mother's Day, but we celebrated as a family the following Wednesday (our normal family day together). Matt definitely made me feel like a queen and Evie even made me a little picture--what a little artist! I will say that even though we are overjoyed that God blessed us with a beautiful little girl after 2 years of infertility, I still had a small pit in my stomach. The past couple of years Mother's Day weighed heavy on my heart as I wasn't sure if I would ever carry that sacred name. I know the Lord taught us so much through our journey and I wouldn't take one day back. But I know that He sometimes uses odd ways to remind us of where we have been and who HE is--a SOVEREIGN, NEVER changing, and FAITHFUL God.

I just can' get enough of that little girl of mine! Definitely the BEST job in the world!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Snack Trap

I wil say that was one SMART mom that figured out that Snack Trap! Evie has recently mastered the Snack Trap and I think I can say it is her favorite thing!

Evie fishing out some good snacks...

Evie sad her snack trap is empty...

Now she is getting a little more upset...

And throwing a small tantrum (I was of course laughing in the background while taking these pics)

Evie giving her snack trap a little "kick"---I guess to show it who is boss!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

10 Months!

Evie is 10 months old and ON THE GO! This has definitely been the "walking" month and it is fun to watch her take more and more steps everyday! She is rarely sitting down as she is always walking somewhere. I feel like she has realized how much more fun it is to see the world on two feet! She definitely is one short little girl (25 percentile) so it is funny to watch her go! They even had to promote her early in Sunday School as she was getting a little too dangerous walking around all the other babies who were still just crawling---my little "super baby"!

Evie making her new "sassy face" (kinda looks like a pig, not so attractive)

Evie still loves her trips to the park

My happy little girl!

Evie loves to play with her ball and is trying to figure out how to roll it---working on this...

Evie loves to crawl under, in, over, on top, through ANYTHING around her

She loves to look out the window (and yes play with the strings)

Evie loves her paci's which she mostly only gets for bed and nap time and occasionally when she is tired and fussy. This must have been a special day as she has THREE! (usually only two)

Evie loves when daddy throws her up high and hangs her upside down!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter HOP-penings

Evie had her first Easter this year and I think she had a lot of fun! I was sad as I had to work Easter but don't worry we had the Easter bunny come early! She even got to spend the weekend with her cousin Landry which they always have a blast together!

Our little (naked) bunny! Too cute!

Checking out all the "loot" the Easter bunny brought!

I think her favorite part was the "surprise" crunchies in the eggs!

And we had to have an Easter egg hunt! 

 Look at all my eggs!

Then we attempted to dye Easter eggs--Evie really just watched this process from afar as mom learned it was quite a mess!

Yay for Easter!

 All dressed up at church!

Out to lunch with daddy