Friday, August 17, 2012

4th of July

The weekend before the 4th of July we went out to the lake with Nathan and Amber. We watched fireworks the first night on the lake and relaxed the rest of the weekend.

Watching the fireworks

Floating on the lake
Shooting off some fireworks
Evie loved the sparklers, she is definitely not afraid of fire!

Smores break
Later that week on the actual 4th of July we went out to the Frisco Freedom fest with Ali and Trevor and watched the FC Dallas soccer game and of course more fireworks!

Evie entranced in the game
Well really my iphone mostly kept her attention 

Evie teaching Ali how to play some games.
Watching the fireworks

I think Evie had had her share of fireworks for the year as she repeated a couple times on our way home "no more fireworks, no more fireworks"!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Evie is 2!

I can't believe it's been 2 whole years since Evie came into our world and changed us forever! She's got so much spunk, energy, and smiles that never end! She is quite creative and always surprising to see her little mind work! It is fun as she starts to talk full sentences we can start to have conversations. She loves to color, do puzzles, read books and my is she quite a little chef! She gets a little offended if I don't let her clean with me and is recently learning how to vacuum (we start early in this house :). She is becoming quite a little swimmer and loes to play in the water even if it is just the hose. She also is still a great sleeper and loves her crib so much I wonder if she will ever want to go to a big bed! She definitely can have quite a little attitude and has her amount of fits! But she still is a cutie and makes us laugh more and more as we watch her grow and become a little girl!

We had some present opening, pancake eating and a little swimming on Evie's actual birthday. Evie was getting pretty good at opening presents by now!

 We went to Jack Carter Pool with Evie's friend Maggie and they had so much fun together!
 Evie couldn't get enough of those slides!
 Eating some lunch--I think the 100 degree heat is getting to those girls!

Those silly girls--so cute!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Lake

My parents recently bought a lake house just outside of Dallas so we have been having lots of fun spending time out there. We were able to go out there with my mom when she was in town and we spent part of the time cleaning and organizing and the other part relaxing on the lake. Can't wait to spend more time out there!

 Swimming with daddy
 Swimming with mommy

 On the boat with Trevor and Ali
 Evie chillin eating some snacks
 Grandma and Evie
 Evie helping dad steer the boat
 Taking a dip
 Evie helping me clean
Evie playing with her new toys at the lake house

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Birthday Splash!

We had Evie's 2 year old birthday party at a Frisco Splash park and it was so much fun! There were 4 birthday parties out there all at the same time so it was a little crazy but Evie just saw it as more friends to play with! I had a "Under the Sea" theme and thought it turned out pretty cute!

 Grandma and Evie
 Family pic

 And she's off! Evie ran around like crazy and absolutely LOVED playing in the water!

 Rush joined in on the fun too!
 Sallie and Maggie with her cute shades!
 Big hug for cousin Landry!
 Maggie and Ella a little unsure of all this
 Silly Landry
 The Grandparents and Evie and Landry
 Evie getting out the toys!
 Stella ready to swim!

The kids were fascinated with the water guns
 Bouncing on the beach balls
 Eating some fruit

 Stella got a little crazy with the frosting!
 Evie also approved of the yummy cupcakes!
 Evie got a new pink tricycle from Gramma and Papa Reynolds
 Evie giving rides
 The kids checking it out
Evie and Landry with Uncle T and Aunt Ali
 Evie lovin on cousin Ewan
 What a cutie!

And asleep in 1 minute once we got in the car!