Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cousin Penelope's Visit

Soon after cousin Kennedy was born my parents and sister's family all came to Dallas to meet her. That meant Evie got to hang out with her cousin Penelope. She was pretty enamored by her and wouldn't stop trying to hold her hand the first day, which I think Penelope felt a little smothered! 

 We went to Oktoberfest while they were here and Evie was quite taken by the petting zoo. She had so much fun.

 All the grandkids and Grandma and Papa

 After we spent some time with cousin Kennedy we went out to my parent's lake house with Penelope, Henry, TJ and Jessica

 Evie and Penelope ready for a boat ride--neither much of a fan of the lifejacket...

 Craft time!
Evie "styling" cousin Henry's hair!

Welcome Baby Kennedy!

In September Aunt Allie and Uncle T welcomed their first little one, Kennedy. Evie was obviously enamored by her and it was fun to watch my little brother in his first moments of being a daddy!