Monday, May 24, 2010


These are the days of Grace, Evelyn Grace that is. After a couple years of infertility the Lord blessed us with a little girl due in late June. We couldn't be more excited to be parents and have cherished every step of this pregnancy journey together. And we know it only gets better when we can finally hold her. Here are a few pics from along the journey....

Boy or Girl? What will it be? Our Baby R at 12 weeks gestation.

It's girl! Matt was shocked to say the least and I was ready to bring on the Pink! My mom was in town and found out with us so we had some pink cupcakes made to surprise Matt's parents.

My dad and I comparing bellies in Germany where we spent Christmas with my family. Weird to think I thought I even HAD a belly back then!

Let the painting begin! Matt showing off his "painting skills".

I think I had her bedding fabric picked out, cut, sewn and up in her crib within 2 weeks of finding out she was a girl--Boy to have THAT energy now!

Me at 26 weeks along and growing.....