Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Landry!

In the beginning of August (yes I am that far behind...) we went down to Waco forcousin Landry's 1st birthday. It was definitely a big celebration as in the first few days of her life we found out she was born with some congenital heart defects and since she had three surgeries, a long ICU stay, and LOTS of test, labs, and doctors appointments. She has been quite a trooper and has amazed us all (and the doctors) how much she has excelled! We were so excited that we could be there to help celebrate the blessing of Landry's life!

 Grandma and Landry
 Evie playing in the backyard
 We forgot our swimsuit but luckily Landry had an extra one so Evie could swim!
 Landry in the pool
 Ummm...I think one of the Uncles taught Evie this....
 Evie loves to slide!
 The cousins
 Evie eating some watermelon--yum!

Landry devouring her smashcake!

 Evie loved the cake too!
 Evie helping Landry open her gifts
 Photo with Grandma and Grandpa
 Still trying to get a good photo of those two...
Happy Birthday Landry! We love you!

Hammin it up!

Friday, September 9, 2011

10 Year Reunion

My girlfriends from high school were all able to rearrange our hectic home schedules and meet up for our 10 year reunion. We all left our husbands at home and brought the kids so they could meet and hang out. The reunion was pretty lame but we all had a fun time hanging out together that weekend!

 All prettied up for the reunion--THS '01!!!
 Lillie and Heather
 Stephanie and Erin
 Me and Emily
 Katie and Chelsea
 Oh and we did the photo booth---What fun!
All my gals! (oh except we are missing Ashley who couldn't make it :(
 Stephanie's mom made us an incredibly yummy brunch the next day so we could all hang out and the kids could play

 Evie had so much fun playing with all the other kids
 But it definitely got a little crazy with all the kids AND grownups!
 Lillie and her boys
 Evie was pretty enamored by baby Kylie (the youngest baby there)
 The slide was definitely the most fought over toy...

 Evie sure enjoyed climbing up (not really sliding down) the slide oh and being a HAM!

 All the girls and kiddos
 Evie and Stephanie's little boy, Ezra hung out most of the weekend together since we were staying with them and became pretty good friends--here having some pool time together

 Evie had poured so much water in her diaper she couldn't keep her balance very well so we had to go naked! (and mom forgot a swim diaper--oops!)

 A little tummy swim
 Evie had lots of fun climbing in and out over and over--look at them buns!

We had lots of fun reminiscing on our past high school days and catching up on life. I hope we can all meet up again before our 20 year reunion! Now that's OLD!