Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Party #1

Since my whole family was together at the beach and it was close to Evie's birthday we went ahead and celebrated her birthday. This was the first of many parties and I think she was beginning to think that this would be a daily occurrence! I mean what one year old wouldn't want a cupcake everyday!

Mom and the birthday girl
The birthday girl got to have some extra special time with "the wagon"

Evie trying to figure out this party blower....
Aunt Ali showing her how it works
A little unsure of all the people around her singing this strange song....
Cupcake time!
Opening presents
Penelope helped Evie test out all her toys to make sure they were properly working before Evie got to them 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Bahbee Ehbee"

It was a lot of fun to watch Evie play with her cousin Penelope. We only see each other twice a year and every 6 months both girls are always in very different stages. Christmas all Evie did was scoot around and Penelope ran circles around her. Now in June, Evie could actually half way keep up with her since she is walking so well. They didn't quite "play together" per say, but it was as close as it could get at their ages right now!

Well it all started off on the right foot--Penelope greeted "Bahbee Ehbee" with a big hug and kiss--too cute! Evie wasn't sure who this was but Penelope had talked about seeing "Bahbee Ehbee" for weeks!

They even posed for a picture sweet!
But then Evie found the WAGON. Evie thought it was pretty neat--especially all the fun shells that were in it (that Penelope had collected earlier). I think Penelope thought "Bahbee Ehbee" was pretty cool until she took her toys.
Evie thought it was even cooler when she could fit in it and get Penelope to pull her in it! (I think Penelope was trying to tip her out here or at least pleading with a nearby adult to help her)
Evie must have been distracted at this point by something as Penelope was holding tightly to her wagon that was almost just hi-jacked by a small walking-infant. 
Penelope and Evie may have played together for short bursts of time....
But it never lasted long as here Evie decided she could fit into the hole Penelope was trying to dig. Which Penelope was not pleased about.
But they would make up quickly after their spats as Penelope was sure good at giving kisses!
Penelope sure did appreciate Evie helping her find nice shells
But Evie did figure out quickly--when Penelope was away (napping that is) the wagon was free reign for her to play with!

Monday, July 11, 2011

One year Photo Shoot

So last week we did Evie's 1 year photos. We decided to go REALLY early to Arbor Hills Park and try and beat the triple digit heat. We definitely were soaked in sweat by the end and poor Evie fell backwards out of a wagon and got attacked by ants! She sure was a trooper and I think they are SUPER cute! Beth Dreyer (Matt's cousin) photographed them--who also did her newborns. Go HERE to her blog and you can see the cutest pictures EVER! (Well I am partial :) And don't forget to see the slideshow at the bottom, you might just need a tissue!

1 year OLD!

Well my little girl is finally ONE year old and it is pretty had to believe! It has been a year full of joy, exhaustion, discovery, early mornings,  laughs, LOTS of FIRSTS, and understanding the incredible unconditional LOVE God can have for HIS children, by being a parent. This year has been LIFE-CHANGING and I wouldn't change a moment! We definitely MORE than survived so now we begin a new chapter--TODDLERHOOD.

Here are some things Evie is doing at ONE YEAR:
  • She continues to babble a lot and refuses to add more words to her vocab at this point...
  • Walking so well almost to the point of a full out RUN--kinda funny to watch those feet go so quickly on such a little child!
  • Evie now LOVES to give kisses over and over, which I ADORE! Such a sweetie!
  • She also has learned to REACH UP as tall as she can to Matt and I when she wants to be held--a very different thing for us since she is our little independent girl. But I love being wanted!
  • FINALLY her top 4 teeth are coming in (I was beginning to believe we would have only 2 teeth!
  • Still sleeping GREAT with 2 naps in the daytime, which I am sure will drop to one shortly (unwillingly on my part...)
  • NO MORE BOTTLES! Yay! I was glad to put all those away and on to only a sippy cup. She is getting pretty good at sipping through a straw too.
  • She LOVES attention and laughs when we all laugh as if she knows what is funny!
  • She loves to be tickled and has the cutest laugh when she is.
  • Her favorite thing to do is READ and loves to page through book after book.
  • She still loves to be outside and I often find her in our garden trying to pick out the perfect stick to play with!
 One of Evie's new postions---upside down! (you can't really see her face but she is laughing--so cute!)
 Learning to climb stairs
 My happy little girl!
 Peekaboo! Evie's favorite game!
 Strike a pose! She loves to be the center of attention!
Walking like a champ!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beach Aquarium

Just down the road from our beach home there was a small (VERY small) aquarium we took the kids to one day. Evie was partly interested but I think still too young to really understand much of what she was looking at. She did have fun running around though and making lots of friends with the other kids there!

 Evie being eaten by the "Jaws of Life"
 Watching the sea otters, which were quite fascinating
 And being eaten by an alligator....
 Looking at the BIG fish swim by
 Evie much more interested in the fish than smiling for the camera
 Our little happy crab!
 Touching the fish (this is obviously plastic--which Evie enjoyed more than the REAL fish, sad to say)
 Riding a shark! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Bound!

We went to Pine Knoll Shores beach in North Carolina with my whole family for a week long vacation. It was SOOO much fun and quite relaxing (even with a 1 year old in tow)! It is always so much fun to get everyone together since it happens so rare and especially now that there are two little grand babies to entertain us all! 

 Our beach home--right on the beach
 Testing out the water--pretty fearless little girl!

 My little beach bum! What a cutie!
 Playing in the waves with dad

 Playing in the sand with Penelope
Lots of shells to play with!

 Watching dad boogie board. The waves were pretty big and we spent a lot of time doing this.
Grand babies playing with Grandma

My sis and I with our girls
 Grandma and Grandpa with Evie and Penelope
 Sibling picture before we all went out to eat
 Popsicles with the grandparents while we were out to eat
 Family pic

There was a kayak at the beach house we had fun using, although we did figure out quickly the first time it is MUCH easier to use when the waves were calm! 
 Matt and I kayaking--we did pretty well until we had to come back to shore........
 ...and it didn't end up to well!
But it sure was fun!
 All of us together
Taking an evening stroll