Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 months

So I feel like every time I BLINK my child is another month old! I can't seem to quite keep up with all her changes! We are definitely having a lot of fun truly seeing her curious and fun personality. I do think she is more and more a "Daddy's girl" as she is always looking for him and seems to light up more when he is around--I guess I am only here to supply the food :) She has been starting to scoot this month--mostly backwards (she likes to do things in her OWN order I guess). So I think we may have a crawler before we know it! I did feel pretty proud as she did master sitting up alone this month and her day care worker said she had never seen a child so young sit up so well in all her years of doing day care! Here are some more accomplishments of our little girl:

  • She is ALWAYS on the move--rolling everywhere, if we take our eyes off her for a few minutes, she is across the room and down the hall discovering something new.
  • "No!"--I have actually caught myself using the word "No" with her for the first time as she once almost pulled a hot iron on top of her head from the cord as I was in the kitchen! I also have caught her about to put the computer cord in her mouth too. I guess this will now be a permanent word in my vocabulary!
  • She is starting to BOUNCE a lot! Especially on her tummy she rocks and bounces when she is excited.
  • She is FINALLY liking her rice cereal and bounces the whole time in her highchair as I try and aim for her mouth as she does this--sometimes not so successful!
  • She is scooting backwards which makes changing her on her changing table quite hard as half the time her head is hanging off!
  • She is really good at grasping toys and transferring them from one hand to the other with ease.
  • She is really recognizing her name being called and will turn to you when you say it.
  • She also loves to put her paci in her mouth and take it out, put it in, take it out.....over and over
  • She continues to be "Miss Social" and smiles at everyone and as long as you give her any attention she will love you!
  • She wants everything we have close to her or in our hands so we really have to be careful as her hand will be tugging at it
  • She loves to just sit in her highchair and watch mommy cook
  • She is still having sleeping problems at night but we have had a lot more night without any wake-ups lately

Bowling Beauty

We took Evie bowling when she was only a week old and then the day before Thanksgiving all of Matt's family went and Evie got to practice her bowling skills again. I thought it was fun to see the comparison on how much she has grown in 5 months! Crazy!

A mere "6 days" old---yeah I am probably a bad mom for taking my newborn to a bowling alley, but we were getting a little stir crazy!

Evie was much more interested in looking at the bowling ball than the camera

Today apparently was a "super drool" day as you can see her shirt is totally soaked!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Evie's first Thanksgiving

So Evie had her very first Thanksgiving this year and I must say it was definitely a special one. Thinking back to a year ago when I was very early in my first trimester we were so thankful for this little blessing growing inside me. We definitely couldn't imagine that the next Thanksgiving we could be even that much MORE thankful for such a beautiful and joyful little girl in our lives!

We spent the day hanging out with Matt's family and thousands of cousins, aunts, uncles (well it seems like there are that many) and eating, eating, and more eating! It was lots of fun and I know Evie had so much fun with ALL the attention she got!

Family pic

Dad showing off his "balancing" tricks

Evie hanging out with Uncle Bobby

Evie feeling Cousin Brent's beard--one of her many fascinations these days


Our little turkey made a great centerpiece!

Evie playing with Landry and Rhett

Grandma Reynolds bought Landry and Evie some matching PJ's to take some pictures of although I think Shep thought he was a part of it! He knew just how to pose--you would never guess his mom is a professional photographer!

Evie seemed to be more interested in pulling Landry's hat off than looking at the camera

Sitting up

And we are officially sitting up! Just shy of Evie's 5 month birthday she learned this new trick and is getting pretty good at it. She has even learned how to carefully do a gentle "faceplant" to the floor ending up on her tummy when she gets tired of it. Such a big girl!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Little Cupcake

I searched high and low for the perfect halloween costume for Evie and just couldn't find one cute enough anywhere so I decided to make her one. I had seen the Pottery Barn cupcake costume online and thought it was super cute but they didn't have it in her size. Then I found a blog that showed how to make it and was SOLD. It was actually super easy and I really just hot glued everything but sewed a little elastic in the skirt. I think Evie loved her little costume and just giggled and laughed when I put it on her! I think this little girl is going to love playing dress up some day...

My little cupcake complete with a "cherry on top"

Evie was a little fussy at Prestonwood's Fall Festival on Halloween--note the pacifier in the mouth--but we had a good time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4 Months

So this post is WAY overdue and Evie is quickly approaching 5 months so I figure I better hurry and write this!

Evie is 4 months old--that is a quarter of a year old! Crazy! She has definitely become our little "wiggle-worm" and is rolling all over and always on the go--can't even imagine her up and walking which I know it will happen before I know it! She loves to play and play and play. She has officially discovered this world around her and it is so fun. She is full of SQUEALS and loves to talk to us all the time. Sometimes I feel like she is saying words, but I know it is just my mind tricking me. One major thing this month which has taken a HUGE toll on mom and her sleep is this so called "4 month sleep regression" or at least that is what I am naming this. I have found a lot of information online about it and it is actually quite interesting. Evie has always been a great sleeper, we would put her down at 8:30 and she would sleep until 5 for a feed then until 9. Then one night she started to cry about every hour or two and I thought something was wrong but she checked out fine at her pediatrician and we started rice cereal but to no avail......the CRYING has continued. We have tried everything, I even let her cry her head off all for a few nights (trying the TOTAL EXTINCTION method) and never even went in there and it never helped. Some nights she just cries all night but now she just wakes up, fusses, and I put her paci back in and she goes back to sleep. That seems to working for now. I guess all this relates to is her brain is maturing with shorter REM cycles, more brain activity, and she is moving much more which wakes her up. So I am hoping and PRAYING this is beginning to phase out. I guess we will see. Some say it lasts until they are 7 months then starts again at 8 months--ugh.
All this mom really wants for Christmas is a good nights sleep....ZZZZZZ

So here are some milestones for our little girl:

  • She loves to ROLL all over and especially loves to play in her tummy (my how things change:)
  • She is reaching and grabbing at EVERYTHING! She is so aware of things around her. This also leaves her very easily distracted so feeding her has become a little more difficult...
  • She is still putting everything in her mouth and chewing on anything close by. (still no teething--although I am watching those gums)
  • She is rolling so much we have given in and she sleeps on her tummy and I think it has helped with her sleep problems A LOT!
  • She is depriving us of a lot of sleep---as noted above. But I must say her naps during the day are getting much longer so no problem there!
  • She is a very social girl and smiles at anyone who gives her any attention. She also loves to talk to you about anything and everything.
  • She loves to play in her exersaucer and it getting pretty good at pushing all the buttons and of course putting everything in her mouth.
  • She loves to smile and laugh at herself in any mirror
  • She loves to grab at her feet and toes

So I tried to get some 4 month pictures in this adorable tutu my friend bought her, but she was being quite a little "rolly-polly" so this is what we got....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rice Cereal

So the past couple weeks have been quite long and hard to say the least as Evie has decided to wake up every couple hours at night and cry at the top of her lungs! My super happy girl has been going crazy and driving us a little crazy! Well luckily her 4 month check-up was this past week and I talked to the pediatrician about our new night owl and was open to any suggestions. Surprisingly I had already tried everything that she suggested except rice cereal and at this point I would try anything to get some rest. Evie seemed pretty eager to try this "new" thing but I don't think she actually swallowed any of it as it just dribbled out of her mouth the whole time. But she sure was cute trying!

Evie sitting like a big girl in her highchair, very eager to see what all this is about!

Evie checkin out the Rice Cereal box

Bib on, ready to go. The anticipation mounting as now there is something inside that bowl...

Evie not quite sure as to what all this "stuff" in her mouth is...

Open Wide!

And it's GOOD! Well I think she was smiling as she liked to BITE the spoon, not so interested in the rice cereal...

Well I guess we will call it a success, although I don't think any of it really ended up IN her mouth! Now let's just hope we all get a little more rest in this house....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baylor Homecoming

This past weekend we headed down to Waco to celebrate Baylor's Homecoming and this is also Matt's family's yearly reunion. It is fitting to have their reunion at Baylor as almost every single family member has attended Baylor (except for a few that only are accepted into the family by vowing to send all their children to Baylor :). This was also our first "family trip" and I was a little nervous as to how Evie would do with all the people who would be fighting over holding her and a new place to sleep....Well she ended up loving all the attention (which I didn't really doubt) and slept longer at night than she had ever! So I must say our first trip was a success and we all had a lot of fun.

Friday we had yummy barbeque at Rudy's

Evie got to meet her Great Grandma and play with her cousin Landry

Evie and Landry had lots of fun together--we even think they made up their own language!

We skipped the bonfire to cheer on the Rangers

I made Evie and Landry litte Baylor dresses for the parade--I thought they turned out pretty cute!

My little Baylor Bear

We saw some of our friends the McCords at the parade

Evie with Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kristen

Four generations

Evie was definitely spoiled over the trip, even spending every nap time in someone's arms--here cousin Robby...

...and here Aunt Jeanne

Grandma's doting on babies