Monday, October 31, 2011


Evie loves to play in my bathroom cabinet and makes quite a mess! But these days anything to occupy her for a few minutes it is worth the cleanup. One day she decided to empty everything out of the cabinet and climb right in!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flowermound Pumpkin Patch

Last week we drove out to the Flower mound Pumpkin Patch (yes the ORIGINAL one :). We took LOTS of pictures (note below) and had LOTS of fun! Pumpkins, hayride, hay bale maze, inflatables, and more pumpkins! We even enjoyed a Fletcher's corn dog there-yum! It will definitely be a place we go back to!
 Evie mostly occupied herself with finding rocks--there were quite a lot and I was beginning to think she wasn't even aware of all the pumpkins around us...

Evie pointing to the pumpkins nose....that is her favorite facial feature of the moment as usually she gets a "beep-beep" or a "honk-honk"
 And I guess she thought Strawberry Shortcake needed a hug...
 And of course she had to do some "rearranging" of the pumpkins

 Finding a new, "better" place for this pumpkin
 Another "nose" Evie points out
 Evie lost in the hay maze
 Evie driving the tractor
 Jumping in her first bounce house--she absolutely LOVED it and it was definitely funny to watch her jump with kids twice her size and laugh every time she fell

 On the hunt for the perfect pumpkin
 And trying to pick up the BIGGEST one!
 I loved that they provided free wagons as Evie always tries to climb in other people's when she sees them
 Although she wouldn't really sit as the pumpkins were a little distracting
 Family pic

 Trying to figure out what this bird scarecrow is....
 Interesting pose
 Waving to all the people coming to the pumpkin patch
 Finding a mini pumpkin---much easer to carry around
 Picture in the pumpkin house
Evie even slid down the big slide--well I think mom might have had more fun than Evie...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whose that monkey jumping on the bed?

 Evie recently loves to roll around and jump on our bed--yes, yes good habit to start huh! She also has perfected the "monkey" sound and says it right on cue, makes us laugh every time! So basically she is my little monkey!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Arboretum fun

Last weekend we visited the "Pumpkin Festival" at the Arboretum with Gramma and Grandpa Reynolds. It was definitely crazy crowded and we even had to ride a big bus from another parking lot to the Arboretum.  It was a lot of fun and Evie was beside herself with all the pumpkins everywhere!

 Evie loved riding the big bus---I am sure it was mostly because she wasn't strapped down and even got her own seat!
 This was really the only true smile we got from her in the beginning--after this I think she was just too overwhelmed and focused on trying to pick up every pumpkin to look and smile at the camera.
 Evie rearranging the pumpkin displays....
 Oh yes, and there were gorgeous fall flowers everywhere---Evie was more interested in the pumpkins...
 Never mind that the theme this year was "Cinderella" and there were lots of princess memorabilia and even a pumpkin carriage---this little girl was definitely too busy exploring, climbing, and picking up all the pumpkins

 Picking up more pumpkins.....
 Climbing on the hay bales....

 I always love to see the fun "pumpkin houses" there
 Trying to pick up "two" at a time now
 And more climbing...

We were getting a little delirious I think at this point--nap time was quickly approaching...


So Evie is now sporting a new hairstyle--pigtails (or "piggies" as I now call them)! She is just too cute in them! 

 Evie was way excited about the beach chairs (just her height) that she found in the garage during our "garage cleaning" after our water heater broke and flooded it--oh the joys of home owning....

Evie is SOO BIG!