Monday, August 30, 2010

New Trick

The other day I layed Evie down on her activity mat like I always do after she eats to play. A few minutes later I looked her direction and saw that she had reached up and grabbed the plastic rings above her head. I thought this was a fluke thing (like the time she rolled over at 2 weeks old--never saw that again). But no, she began to stare those rings down, reach up for them, grab them, swing her arm back and forth and then let go. She repeated this over and over! This has become her favorite thing to do now--well of the very few things she can do!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Evie had her very first "outdoor water" experience when her cousin Penelope was in town and I think she is a fan! We first went to the J.R. Newman Park in Frisco where there is a Splash park. I had never been to one of these so called "splash parks" and was actually quite impressed. I was a little worried that it would be crowded but I guess only in Texas in the middle of the summer do kids actually stay INSIDE because of the 100 degree heat! Not the Reynolds, even with a newborn!

Evie gettin her tan on!

Dad testing out the water

We also went to our neighborhood pool which we found out the "baby pool" was pretty deep which was not so "baby friendly".

Little bathin' beauty!

Takin a dip!

It was Penelope's nap time and she was having none of the camera shots!

And time to go home

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cousin Penelope

We were eagerly anticipating the Hird "cousins" to get to meet each other and Matt and I were anxious to especially see Penelope and how much she has grown in the 6 months we hadn't seen her! My sister also was able to come the weekend of my birthday so it was a lot of fun celebrating together with all the Hird siblings and families (minus TJ who we missed). I know my parents were feeling a little sentimental to see all their children and families together without them, but Skype will have to do for now. The house was a little crazy at times with Penelope testing every limit in this "new place" she suddenly found herself in. But she never left us unentertained in the least! I can't wait to see Evie and Penelope together at Christmas when Evie will hopefully be a little more mobile and interactive with her cousin.

The cousins playing together

I wasn't very good at getting any good pictures as from the time I took this picture to when I told Jessica to look my direction---one kid had disappeared and the other was crying. This may have been the most sane moment all weekend!

Reading to Penelope with Evie snoozing in the background

The cousins giving "kisses" to each other

If you go to my sister's blog here:Cousin Evie, she was able to get a lot of great pictures and puts the weekend into better words than I ever could.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Over the past couple weeks Evie has been smiling more and more and it has been so much fun! The hard part is just trying to be quick enough to capture it on camera!

Sip 'n See

A few weeks ago some of Cathy's dearest friends threw a "Sip 'n See" for Evie. It was beautiful and a lot of fun! I know both Grandma's were excited to show off their brand new grandchild!

The table display and the beautiful quilt Joanie Buster made for Evie.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

1 Month Old

I can't believe we are past the 1 Month mark and you are growing like a weed! I feel like you are changing every day and I am lovin' being your mommy! Here are some things you are doing at 1 month:

- You are getting better at holding your head up and I love when you stretch it out as long as it goes!
-You love to just lay down on your back and check out the world around you
-You have begun to "coo" and talk to your mom and dad
-You love to STRETCH out your legs and arms as far as they go
-You make the funniest grunts when you sleep (helped making the transition from our room to yours much easier :)
-You are growing like a weed at 9 lbs 14 ounces at 1 month
-You love your paci and it seems to make everything better
-You are sleeping 4 to 4.5 hours at night (the 0.5 hr counts!)
-You love listening to music--maybe a singing career in the future?
-You have a million cute little faces--be it happy or crying--they all make me melt!
-You are starting to SMILE!
-You have the cutest little "mohawk" hairdo!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Uncle "Reynolds"

There are 4 "Reynolds" Uncles--Jonathan, Daniel, Nathan, and Caleb. And I think all 4 are pretty smitten with this little girl Evie. It has been so much fun to watch them love on our little girl and always wanting to hang out with her. I know adding a "GIRL" to the Reynolds family was a shock but I am so excited to see Evie grow up with these pretty cool uncles around her.

Jonathan and his wife, Amie are expecting a girl any day now and we can't wait for them to grow up together!

Jonathan was not present so had to be substituted for his senior pic.