Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baylor Homecoming

This past weekend we headed down to Waco to celebrate Baylor's Homecoming and this is also Matt's family's yearly reunion. It is fitting to have their reunion at Baylor as almost every single family member has attended Baylor (except for a few that only are accepted into the family by vowing to send all their children to Baylor :). This was also our first "family trip" and I was a little nervous as to how Evie would do with all the people who would be fighting over holding her and a new place to sleep....Well she ended up loving all the attention (which I didn't really doubt) and slept longer at night than she had ever! So I must say our first trip was a success and we all had a lot of fun.

Friday we had yummy barbeque at Rudy's

Evie got to meet her Great Grandma and play with her cousin Landry

Evie and Landry had lots of fun together--we even think they made up their own language!

We skipped the bonfire to cheer on the Rangers

I made Evie and Landry litte Baylor dresses for the parade--I thought they turned out pretty cute!

My little Baylor Bear

We saw some of our friends the McCords at the parade

Evie with Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kristen

Four generations

Evie was definitely spoiled over the trip, even spending every nap time in someone's arms--here cousin Robby...

...and here Aunt Jeanne

Grandma's doting on babies

Sunday, October 24, 2010


So our little Evie has become a little "rolly-polly" lately! However that does seem to create some obstacles that didn't seem to be there before!

Exersaucer roadblock!

"It suddenly got dark in here..."

"Can't move my head...."

"Now this is just getting ridiculous!"
(sorry i thought this was a cute, but sad picture--don't worry I rescued her 2 seconds later :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last Sunday we headed out to the Arboretum's "Autumn Fest" with Matt's parents, brother and brother's wife. We had a fun day filled with LOTS of picture taking of mostly this cute little girl named Evie. It was a lot of fun although I think Evie was a little overwhelmed with all these huge "orange" things around her.

Evie with Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds

Evie amongst the pumpkins--look at those ankle rolls!

My Little Pumpkin

Daddy's little girl

Family pic in the pumpkin house

Evie looking confused as to what all this is about or trying to pull off this "bow" on her head


Evie still not so sure

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 Months

So Evie is the BIG 3! Months that is. I feel this has been the biggest month so far in terms of changes in her. She continues to grow so fast and amaze us every day! Her personality is starting to really shine through--she is definitely living up to her name meaning of "radiant one" as there is always a huge smile on her face! She also has become quite the conversationalist! I love when I am talking to matt or my parents on Skype and she is having her own little conversation on the side as she hears all our voices. Here are some of Evie's new tricks:

  • I am getting really good at grabbing toys and even bring them to my mouth to chew on!
  • I am a drooling fool and mommy loves to change my clothes all the time!
  • I am starting to finally love tummy time and hold my head up real high
  • I have even caught mom and dad off guard at times and am beginning to roll over!
  • I can make lots of fun noises from cooing, to gurgling, to whimpering and even a loud yell now and then--my mom calls them my "roars"
  • I LOVE to suck on my hand--sometimes one or two fingers but mostly the whole thing!
  • I am starting to love my bouncer and have learned to kick and make it BOUNCE
  • I love to sit in my bumbo while mom reads books to me
  • I have definitely discovered these things call HANDS and I think they are quite interesting

My happy little girl!

Rolling on my side

Tummy time!


Trying to decide which book to read for story time!

I love to suck on my fist!