Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Someone has discovered the cabinets......and has decided tupperware is MUCH more fun than toys!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A little snack

One thing Evie loves to do is go to the grocery store. She loves to sit in the cart and is mesmerized by all the fun colorful things on the shelf, the goodies I put in the cart and all the people she can smile and interact with. I normally put a few grocery items next to her in the cart that she likes to play with. On this particular trip I set the box of Cheerios by her and didn't notice until the end of our trip as I was checking out that she had actually EATEN part of the box!

 Evie's box of Cheerios
That she decided to EAT
OOPS! Nothing like a little cardboard snack!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My little Houdini

So I have been waiting for the day I would walk into Evie's room and see her standing in her crib. I knew it was coming but we had a trick and I didn't know if she would figure it out...but she did. See she sleeps in a sleep sack that keeps her all warm an cozy but what Evie didn't realize is it had a second purpose---it prevents her from standing. Well I guess I didn't give my little girl enough credit and she outsmarted us! So a couple weeks ago I found her standing up in her crib with the sleep sack, with only one arm unsnapped and still zipped, laying beside her. Apparently I didn't know my little girl could do magic tricks! She had somehow wiggled herself out! 

Caught red handed!

Then the other day I looked on her monitor only to see white--which usually I can see her. I knew something was wrong. Well Matt and I walked in and found her with her camera on the floor beside her crib and her standing up.

The evidence

So I thought oh I will just move it higher where she can't reach.....nope, still got to it as the next day I found her playing with sitting in the crib playing with her camera. Definitely made me laugh! She is one smart girl!

I wonder what she will be up to next....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

8 months

Our little girl is 8 months old which is SO hard to believe! She is either up on two feet or trying to crawl to something she can pull herself up on! She loves to stand at her toy basket and play with the treasures she finds inside. She then will take small (wobbly) steps while holding on to her exersaucer and peruse the edge of that playing with each toy until she has made it all the way around to her toy basket again. It is very fun to watch her little mind work and see where she will go next. Scary to think we may have a walker very soon! I will say one of our BIGGEST milestones is Evie decided to drop her 5 o'clock feed (that mommy was trying to hanging on to) and is sleeping 11-12 hours straight! And I know we had some rough long nights with lots of waking starting back at 4 months but now she sleeps without a PEEP! HOORAY!

Here are some more fun things she is doing :

  • Started to say "Da Da" all day long--not that it relates to her dad yet, but dad likes to think so!
  • Loves to clap her hands whether it is mimicking us, feeling the beat of the music, or just randomly when she thinks some applause it warranted!
  • Pulling up EVERYWHERE! No height is too high or scary for her!
  • Loves to play in the kitchen while mom cooks with her new "kitchen toy" basket
  • Got her FIRST TOOTH on the left bottom gum
  • Started "FINGER FOODS"--although she is still trying to figure this out
  • Still LOVING her baby food and eats up to 7 jars a day!
  • We have dropped to only 4 feeds a day
  • Sleeping 11-12 hours at night WITHOUT waking up---FINALLY!

 Playing in her kitchen toy basket

 Exploring the kitchen

 Our cute smiley girl!

Likes to play AROUND the exersaucer, not so much IN it anymore...

 Oh yes, and especially loves to CHEW on things when she is standing

Oh the things she learns to pull up on---hopefully she will also learn to help mom empty this soon!