Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Celebration Park

We went to Celebration Park in Allen over Memorial Day weekend with our Sunday School class. It was definitely the biggest park I had been to! Evie had lots of fun playing on the slides and in the water.

 Daddy and Evie racing down the slides

My bathing beauty

 And she's off!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evie's First Haircut

So our hair was looking a little "mangly" to say the least (see below) so we thought it was time to brave that first haircut! I was a little unsure as to how Evie would actually SIT and not thrash about and come away with multiple cuts on her skin from the scissors! But she surprised me and actually did quite well!

 The BEFORE look
 Daddy giving Evie a pep talk about airplane safety
 Here we go....

 She was moving a little much so we gave her a sucker----then she was very still!
 Last finishing touches...
TADA! Sliding down the slide to celebrate!
Evie inspecting her certificate

Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Weekend

We headed to Houston a couple weeks ago for Matt's brother, Nathan's wedding. Evie was also asked to be a flower girl, which we were interested to see how that would go. We hadn't been on a road trip with Evie since she was little so she was pretty excited to sleep in the same room as mommy and daddy! So excited she could hardly sleep, literally.

Evie playing with some care crafts I put together for her (thanks Pinterest!)
 Evie testing out the big bed
 Evie trying on daddy's boots
 We came down a day early and were able to hang out at the pool most of the first day. Evie loved the water and caught on pretty fast with her "puddle jumper".

 Evie had to clean a little also, she is not a fan of leaves in her pool
 Evie saying hi to everyone
 Evie figured out how to float on her tummy all by herself
 Playing with Grandpa
 Evie cleaning Great Granny's feet
 The flower girls hugging--best buds!
 Gramma, Landry and Evie
 Landry and Evie showing off their baskets
 Evie found some M&Ms in hers! (Bribery works when you need it!)
 Evie hanging out with Baby Ewan and Aunt Jeanne
 And Evie giving Landry more hugs at the rehearsal dinner
 If you look closely you can see Evie not very happy---let's just say nap time was 3 hours ago.....
 Well we got one good picture of them all together
 The Worley family and the newly married couple
 So we did get Evie and Landry to go down the aisle, although many times we thought it wasn't going to happen, especially after meltdowns from both....I finally got Evie distracted and told her to go down the aisle and see daddy, which she ran off (no basket) Landry saw that Evie forgot her basket and ran after her, meanwhile the ringbearer was a little confused as to how these girls got to be IN the wedding in the first place.....well the girls found Gramma and Grandpa at the front pew and we whisked them away shortly after. Phew! 
 Evie and Landry hung out in the choir room during the ceremony. Landry making her silly face.
 Evie and Landry playing the postlude...
 Coloring at the reception
 Amber had lots of cute decorations at the reception
 And even had Dr Pepper floats! yum!
 Evie chowing down on some food
Can we say Evie looks a little tired, shortly after this we finally went down for a nap, yes ALL of us :)