Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Easter morning started off with a visit from the Easter bunny

 Once Evie found the bunny ears she put them on, kinda funny
 Then she got smart and emptied all the candy eggs into one pile so she could eat it all at once
 We headed to church for a great service then had a family pic--Evie is actually saying "cheese" in the picture!

 Caught a smile!
 Opening her Easter basket from Gramma
 Gramma showing Evie the puzzle--it had pictures of us behind the shapes--too cute!

 Evie riding the horse Great Grandpa Truett made that Matt rode as a child
 I actually got creative and put Evie's lunch in Easter eggs in hopes that it would make the food look more exciting so Evie would eat it---nope, failed attempt. Oh well, it is a fun tradition.
 We all went to Old City Park with over 50 of Matthew's extended family. We were only able to be outside for about 45 minutes then it decided to pour on us and we were all confined to a covered pavilion

 The boys playing frisbee
 Evie chillin with the boys--Rhett and Shep
 Since it was raining and there were little old time houses in the park, we decided to at least have an egg hunt for the little kids in the school house. Bobby, the headmaster is pictured above patrolling the egg hunt to make sure no shenanigans happen!
 Checking out the candy in the eggs
 Stopping for some piano playing
Grandpa giving Evie a grammar lesson
The whole gang at the park

Dying Eggs

We dyed eggs and I was a little bit nervous with all that  egg "dye"--since I feel like I spend most of my days trying to get Evie's stains out of her clothes.....So we opted for the "koolaid" method. The colors didn't turn out as great but good enough. Evie decided after she decorated them she wanted to peel them all and eat them so they didn't last long sitting out!

Being so patient--disregard the messy kitchen in the background.....

Putting stickers on

And eating it--yum!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Well bluebonnet pictures were a little tough this year. Whenever Evie sees our Iphone or camera out to take pictures she puts on her "game" face and yells "no cheese!". So it is quite hard to capture our very happy silly little girl in pictures!

 The game face
 Family pic--this lady took it who had just gotten married (her 2 daughters behind us) she had the hardest time centering us! oh well.

 My favorite picture but taken with my Iphone as you can tell the quality is not great :(
 Where's Evie?

 Time to swing!!

Prestonwood Easter Egg Hunt

A couple weeks ago Prestonwood had an Easter egg hunt for the little kids. It was a little crazy I will admit but we invited my friends family from my work and had a fun time together.

 Before the hunt...(yes it was on the playground for the Under 2--very smart)
 Trying to teach Evie how to gather the eggs
 Once I showed her the "candy" in the eggs she was off!
 Candy break
 And some playtime also--she looks a little suspicious eating her candy up there
 Down the slide

 Family pic
 Evie's friend Maggie--i think they are already in a sugar coma
 More candy eating
Picture with Sallie and Maggie---yes it was kinda hot (see the glisten on our faces?)