Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zoo and Park

We had some fairly nice days while we were all together over Christmas so we enjoyed playing at the park, walks, and even a day at the Fort Worth Zoo.
 Trevor taking the girls for a spin at the zoo
 All ready to see all the animals!

 TJ and Penelope entranced by the zebras
 The monkeys were definitely my favorite part they are always fun to watch.
 A close-up view of a huge gorilla eating his breakfast
 A tiger on a rock

 Evie watching some birds with Papa
 Getting a better view
 Taking a rest with Grandma

Penelope and Evie wrestling an alligator!
 We went to a park by Trevor's house one day and the kids had lots of fun! 
Evie and Penelope driving the fire engine
 Mastering the slides!


Can't beat those beautiful winter Texas days!
Evie trying to pull Uncle T in the wagon

Hanging out at the house

We had a lot of fun just hanging out at the rental house together. The girls entertained us most of the time and it was fun to watch them interact. Penelope was mostly in charge and showed Evie how to play with all her new toys. Every once in awhile Evie would surprise Penelope and take her toys back!
There were lots of wagon rides--round and round the house

Ali taking the girls on a ride.
Evie got a new table for Christmas and she even gave Uncle T a few tips on how to put it together
The table came quite in handy that week---Evie and Penelope spent lots of time at it
Yumm! Evie loves her guacamole!

Playing with playdough
Lots of books were read--Grandma definitely loved this!
We celebrated Jessica's birthday
Our good friends the Travis' from Tulsa even came in town to eat lunch with us
We played some pool
Fun at bath time with Grandma
Posing for some pictures, and no not one shot with both girls smiling in the same picture! That's alright they were still cute!

There was lots of "spoiling" the grandkids--Grandpa sharing his chocolate shake
Grandpa even came up with a fun game--"blanket rides"!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hird Family Christmas

My whole family was able to be together for a week after Christmas. My dad rented a house in Richardson so we could all be together. It was so much fun! The first night we had our Christmas and opened gifts.
Penelope was super excited about all the gifts and helped everyone unwrap their gifts.
Evie playing with her new puzzle
This odd looking statue was our "stand-in" Christmas tree....
Matt really excited about all these presents!
Penelope and Evie trying to cordially play together---well more of Penelope telling Evie what to do...
Uncle T and Aunt Ali
Evie showing off her new backpack
Evie pushing her new stroller and "stellellla" doll
Papa Santa even came bearing lots of gifts for everyone
Evie opening her stocking
Daddy helping out
Reading books