Friday, July 30, 2010

Final Goodbyes

Final goodbyes were finally said today as Grandma Hird left to return to Jakarta, Indonesia. She came a week before I was due to help get ready for baby Evie and stayed to help us after she was born. She was our live-in maid and cook, labor coach, encourager when it got tough, and basically helped us figure out this "baby" thing. She was such a major help and we know we couldn't have made it through these past few weeks without her. We love you grandma and can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Evie trying to sneak off in grandma's suitcase.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Old made New

My mom had put away a box of baby things I wore when I was a baby and I had a lot of fun going through them to see what Evie could use. Here is a picture of a newborn dress I "wore and wore and wore" (quote per Grandma Hird) when I was an infant--first picture--and then Evie wearing it when she was a week old--second picture. I am so grateful that my mom set aside some special things for me to pass on to my daughter.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Paci

It may be small and only made of plastic.....

But I think it's a keeper!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Week of "Firsts"

So we made it! We have officially survived one week with a newborn baby and I must say we are totally and madly in love with this little girl named Evie. After 30 hours of labor, with Evie throwing lots of curve balls in the process, all to end in a C-section--this all was quickly forgotten when we saw her for the first time. At this point she can do no wrong and even when she screams her head off there are still big smiles on our faces. Here is a compilation of "firsts" during this first week with Evie.

First family "Skype" call overseas to her Aunt Jessica, Uncle TJ and Cousin Penelope. Our main form of communication with multiple family members on the Hird-side.

First car ride in her car seat, which at this point she is mesmerized with. (Let's hope that sticks).
First official "Reynolds" Family picture in front of our home.

First (of many) afternoon naps with Grandpa Hird.

First Fourth of July. She wasn't too impressed with the fireworks as she slept through them all. (Even the loud obnoxious fireworks Uncle Trevor decided to bring over to our house).

First bath at home.

First professional photography session--maybe there is a modeling career in the future...

First outing to the mall (pictured here with Grandma Hird).

Evie's newborn pics

Matt's cousin Beth Dreyer is a very talented photographer and we were able to get her to take Evie's newborn pics last Friday. It was so much fun to watch Beth manipulate her into different positions while keeping her asleep. Even though we have only seen a few pictures, I am so impressed and know it will be incredibly hard to choose which ones we want! Here are two pics from the shoot and you can go to her blog to see her most recent post all about Evie.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Evie Grace Grand Entrance (Extended Version)

I wanted Matt to include our trip home in the video, so he added that on so we could have that. So here is the extended and final version of Evie's Grand Entrance.