Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Safari Park Fun

We met up with some of our friends from work and their kids at the Safari Park in Plano to play. It was lots of fun to hang out and watch the kids play together--well almost "together". Evie just ran from one thing to the next! I definitely had a hard time keeping up with her!

 Evie playing in the balls
 Looks like some mischief is going on here with Kane, Kinley and Rush...
 The kids had lots of fun building the big blocks and knocking them down
 A big CHEESE!

 Holley riding the train with the kiddos
 Evie and Maggie on the train
I had to come on board as Evie wasn't too sure about it
 Evie riding the mechanical elephant
 Rush and Evie cooking up some cupcakes!

And Zonked OUT!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Attack of the ducks!

There are ducks that we have fed a couple times in our neighborhood and every time we go I almost feel like we get attacked! There are SOO many of them and are always crazy hungry! They come within a foot of us and fight each other over the bread. Must have been a hard winter or something! Evie has lots of fun feeding them, although half of the time we catch her eating all the bread!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Fortunately we have had quite a mild winter and have had some pretty park days. We love to take a wagon ride to the park in our neighborhood and play. We even have some neighborhood friends we meet there and get to play with.



 Having a little snack on the way home
But not for long! Time to get "OUT" and "PULL"!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A little "Retail Therapy"

Evie is my little shopper and loves to try on shoes, hats, sunglasses--you name it! I will definitely have to give this girl a spending budget!

19 Months

Crazy that our little girl is 19 months already! Now we begin to count down to the big number 2! She is growing up so fast! She is definitely beginning to be quite an emotional little girl! Sometimes I find myself fast-forwarding to the "teenage" years and begin to fear for my life! One minute she is happy and laughing and the next she is trying to pull off her best "acting" meltdown scene. She is definitely lots of fun though especially as she begins to do more activities. I have finally lost count of her words as now she is beginning to put a couple words together. Here are some fun things Evie is doing now:

  • She absolutely LOVES to "COOK". If I go over to the stove she immediately tries to pull up a chair to help. We have a little chef-in-training on our hands!
  • She loves to "COKOR" (translation-"color") and decorate with stickers--A crafter after mommy's heart!
  • She has mastered Iphone Apps and loves to play games---this becomes quite a problem when mommy has to actually USE the phone to talk....working on this...
  • She loves to go on wagon rides and explore and hunt for treasures--her favorite is of course "acorns" (we have finally moved on from "rocks"). Although lately she just wants to "WALK" and pull the wagon...this makes for a VERY long ride...
  • At 18 months we have surpassed the 50% in height and are now 75%! I guess this little one had a growth spurt!
  • We still love to dance and spin to music. We now can do all the hand motions to "The itsy bitsy spider" and "Away in a manger" (thanks to Grandma Hird) and she tries to sing the ABC song although all that I can understand is "BEE, DEE, CEE" and then a "W" thrown in there towards the end. we are working on numbers too and she can almost count to 5 by herself!
  • She loves puzzles and is quite good at them. She has some sound puzzles and she loves to throw out a loud ambulance siren every now and then!
  • She still loves to accessorize and whenever we go shopping she loves to try on shoes, hats, bracelets, and sunglasses. I might have to already set a shopping allowance for this girl!

On the carousel with Daddy
Cooking away in the kitchen

Being a little crafty and made a get well sign for Grandma Hird
Reading some books
At church carrying her backpack--so grown up!

Pulling the big wagon