Friday, February 25, 2011

Introducing the next American Idol!

So Evie loves music and especially loves to cheer on the contestants on American Idol. She recently found an Echo Mic in her toy basket and loves to sing in it! I think we may have a super star on our hands!

Evie getting ready for her performance
Evie giving an "Accapella" performance
Practicing her "Elvis" face
Inspecting the wiring (her Grandpa Reynolds taught her this --the "AV Specialist")

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Valentines Crafts

So it has been WAY too long since I have posted any crafts/sewing on here so I think it is time! I was feeling pretty crafty with Valentines Day and made a few things to decorate the house with. 

Our Valentines Mantel



 This Valentines heart was made from red streamers--so easy! find the tutorial here from the IDEA ROOM

 I also made a Valentines wreath/door decoration from here from another cute blog. And yes, for some reason I had a BURLAP theme going....


Ok, so it has taken me a MONTH to get a good picture of this tooth that came in a whole month ago, so here it is! (and yes, that is a mark above her right eye where she had bumped her head earlier on a shelf--oops!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visitors from up North

So we were so excited that Kendra and Macie were in town all the way from Wisconsin and we were able to spend some extra special time with just them on a Sunday afternoon. The girls took a long nap also so Kendra and I could catch up (and we fit in watching "The Bachelor"--of course!). We went to the park after they woke up and had lots of fun. Luckily the Texas sun decided to appear and it was quite a change from the ice and snow we saw just days before!

Macie loving the swings at the park

Evie begging her dad to slide her down the slide!

Matt doing a "lesson" on numbers with Macie

Macie and Evie on the slide


Here we come!

Daddy and Evie "monkeying around"

"Look dad! no hands!" (Evie learned a new trick--apparently we have a future gymnast on our hands!)

Evie loving the slide

All the girls

Evie swinging and all smiles!

We went to Chick-fil-A with Kendra, Macie and Joanna, Pierce, and Stella to say goodbye

Macie eating her ice cream

The kids (minus Stella)

We had so much fun with you Kendra and Macie and miss you guys so much! Thanks for coming to visit!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day Party

Evie and I decided to throw a small Valentine's Day party to celebrate "love day" but also our good friends Kendra and Macie were in town to visit and that also warranted a celebration! Of course the crazy Texas winter weather tried to threaten the party but luckily most of it melted before the party. The kids had Valentine's Day snacks, we decorated Valentine's bags and heart cookies. Lots of fun was had and Evie definitely enjoyed all the friends that came to play!

Evie eagerly waiting for her party guests

Snacks and goodies for the kids

And of course treat bags!

Macie, Kate, and Harper enjoying their Valentine's Day picnic

Evie and Kendra

The kids decorating Valentine bags

Anna putting on only the "sparkly" hearts on hers!

Brody chilling in the exersaucer

Stella snoozing

Brody and Brinley playing

Pierce and Macie decorating their cookies

Charlotte watching all the excitement

Macie handing out her valentines

The little ones (minus Evie)--Stella, Brody, Charlotte, and Brinley

The big kids--Pierce, Macie, Anna, Brady, Harper, and Kate

The party wore Evie out pretty early so she actually was sleeping for the group pictures, but here she is after her nap--still a little disoriented!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Little Fish

Evie has recently graduated from her "baby tub" to the big bath tub and she is loving it! She is quite fearless and swims all around on her tummy and has even tried to pull herself up on the ledge--which has resulted in a few tumbles! I think we will have a little swimmer this summer and can't wait to take her to the pool!

Love that little fish of mine (not to mention the cute hiney)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Grandma and Papa Hird

During Christmas Matt and I's schedule was a little crazy to say the least as we both had multiple car and plane trips back and forth from Dallas to Austin since we had to work. We were very thankful to my parents who were obviously more than happy to take care of their granddaughter while we were away and working! We can't wait until they move back to the US and can babysit more often!