Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crawling Adventures

I have learned that Evie is quite creative in how she explores and finds different uses for her toys, but I think she has now taken it to a whole new level. I have caught her multiple times in the past week crawling into the bottom part of her exersaucer and then crawling out. It is quite amusing to watch!

Slowly and carefully maneuvering the "rocky apparatus"

Caught in the act!

Devising an exit strategy

Almost there...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mmmm Snow!

So obviously we were excited to get over 4 inches of snow the other week and especially excited to see what Evie thought of this cold, white stuff!

"What is this white stuff?"

"I don't get why mom and dad are so excited, it's COLD out here!"

Evie's miniature snow man...

That was quickly destroyed

"This stuff feels weird on my fingers, I don't know if I can feel them anymore!"

"Let's see what it tastes like..."

"Mmmmmm good!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

6 Months

6 Months Olds-----that is HALF a year old! And I must say this has definitely been my favorite stage so far (yes there are LOTs more left). She is just so interactive, always on the move, learning new things every day, and the happiest baby ever (well that is what they tell me). She is just beginning to reach for me and understand just who I am, it definitely melts my heart. She is scootin more and better every day. She also definitely tests a lot more limits and we are daily trying to make our home more "baby proof". She smiles nonstop and is laughing more and more. Although her dad is best at getting the biggest belly laughs from her and she has definitely developed some "tickle spots". I just can't get enough of this little girl!

Here are some milestones:
  • She is always moving--rolling, turning, scootin
  • She is getting really good at reaching and grabbing at everything we have in our hands and sometimes it is hard to keep it away
  • She is starting to eat baby food which is going okay....she is still trying to get the hang of it and doesn't really eat a ton which is fine with me.
  • She just got her first real sickness (which I think is pretty good for being well for 6 months) which was Croup followed by an ear infection, but really never acted sick.
  • She still wakes up at night and cries which is definitely wearing on me and I am wondering if this will last until her teenage years?.....
  • She is great at sitting by herself for a long time and playing with toys--we have finally begun to sit in the shopping cart which leaves LOTS more room for groceries!
  • She still chews on everything and drools a lot but still have not seen any teeth...
  • She is beginning to babble more and say more hard consonants and Matt swears she said "dada" the other day...:)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting Santa!

So since it was Evie's first Christmas we HAD to go see SANTA! It was actually more on a whim so we ended up paying WAY too much and wasn't THAT impressed with this Santa. But we did walk right in and out of the mall in 15 minutes. Next year we will be looking into some other places since Evie will actually be older and more interested.

Evie did really well, sat on this strangers lap, checked him out for quite awhile (I think she was enamored at how long his beard was compared to her daddy's) and then turned and smiled like it was no big deal. We will see how next year goes though....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reynolds Christmas

So since my family was coming in town for Christmas, we had an early Christmas with the Reynolds. Since it was Evie's first Christmas ALL the attention was definitely focused on her!

Christmas Family Picture (Evie was a little wiggle worm and wouldn't hold still--she just couldn't wait to open those presents!)

Evie definitely won this fight

Evie with her Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds

Evie and all her presents from her grandparents

I think she knows fun gifts are inside these boxes!

The Reynolds gang

This is what most of the evening looked like....

Evie loved opening her presents and chewing on the gift bags...I think she got a little confused as to WHAT the gifts actually were...

Fun books
Mom helping Evie unwrap the presents

Then we had to finish off the evening bouncing in her Jumperoo!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds for the best Christmas EVER!

We're Back!!

So I think I took an unannounced "BLOG hiatus" for a month and didn't even realize it as the holidays just flew by! Lots went on so there is LOTS to catch up with so I might just cram it all into a post or two.......Here we go.......

O Christmas Tree

So Matt's family has a family Christmas tradition of going out to a Christmas tree farm and cutting down a tree each year. I participated in this the very first year we were married and discovered this tradition carried with it a lot of WORK and a very LONG DAY at the farm (not to mention the HORRENDOUS clean-up hauling the tree IN to the house and OUT of the house when it is dead and all the needles are on your floor and none on the tree). I was actually successful the next few years of convincing Matt that a beautiful HOME DEPOT tree awaited us just around the corner, less expensive (and prettier), and you could have it decorated by the end of the day. Well then we had Evie and I knew that we once again needed to start going back out to the farm so we could start this tradition for her. So we did. It was a lot of fun although I think we still need to work on making it a MUCH shorter trip as I like to have some time to decorate when we get back, but I guess we have years to figure that out.

Evie's first hayride

She was definitely soaking up all the attention!

We ran into one problem at this first "Christmas Tree Farm".....lack of trees (don't know what Grandpa is doing in this picture...)

Although Evie found a tree just her size

On to the next farm......Here with grandma in the SECOND hayride (hey 2 hayrides in one day!)

We found our tree in no time!

Dad cutting down the tree (well actually this is just a "pose" as a nice man behind us was ready to cut this down for us---dad said there were too many "thistles")

Evie even got to see some goats---she wasn't too excited though, maybe next year

Daddy and his girl

Sitting in the HUGE rocking chair for a quick pic

We even got to bounce on this huge balloon coming out of the ground--see Matt about to send Caleb soaring up in the air

And HOME we go...